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Polebrook C E Primary School


The children finished the term off by writing persuasive letters to Albus Dumbledore.  They were so amazing that each child got a letter delivered back to them by owl inviting them to go to Hogwarts for the day. 

Some of our Fantastic beasts non-chronological reports

Blue class presented their reports to the Ministry of magic and I know the Ministry were very impressed. These are just a selection but every member of the class did a fantastic job!

Walrus in space


Blue class had a fantastic live webinar with the WWF to learn about walruses. We found out so many interesting facts! We are going to take part in the walrus in space project to help scientists find out about the walrus population and the effect of climate change. We have to look through images from space and spot the walrus, it’s so tricky but we have already collected our bronze badge! 

How are all beasts fantastic?


To our surprise, when we came back after Christmas we had received a letter from Newt Scamander from Hogwarts. He told us all about his job collecting and identifying fantastic beasts and asked for our help to write a report to present to the Ministry of Magic. He also sent us a report about The sprot gozzler so we could see what he was expecting of us. 
This is a sprot gozzler!


In science we began thinking about what makes a living thing living and how we classify living things. We made our own classification keys to identify vertebrates and then some of the fantastic beasts from Newts book.



Newt also sent us a video because one of his animals had escaped and he needed us to help catch it. Unfortunately, it had escaped into our classroom! We used the clues to help us identify what we thought it was and devised a plan. The next day we had caught the animal and we named him Steve.


Some of the class wrote some blogs to tell you all about what happened!


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