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Welcome to

Polebrook C E Primary School

Autumn 2016

Foxes and Mice 

At Forest School, Purple Class learnt a new game called 'Foxes and Mice'. In this game, one person is a mouse and they have to stay inside their mouse house. All of the other players are foxes and they need to try and catch the mouse without being seen! Each fox needed to use the forest environment to blend in and hide from the mouse. 

Some of the foxes were successful in catching the mouse, even Miss McBlain was caught! Can you spot some of our sneaky foxes hiding in the forest? 

Shelter Building 

During our last visit to Forest School, Purple Class were building shelters and dens for some of the younger children in Red and Green Class to use. 

We had to work together in teams to organise who was doing what and how we were going to make these dens. Each team managed to create a space where children could enter and exit safely and have a roof over their heads! 

Some of the materials used to create these dens included covers for the roof, string, branches found on the forest floor and logs. 

To make sure each den was useable, Purple Class tried each one out - have a look! 

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