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Welcome to

Polebrook C E Primary School


Find out what Purple Class have been learning about this year.


Food from around the world! 

Part of our Design and Technology/Georgraphy work, has been to discover dishes from around the world, to learn how food is grown and where it comes from. Therefore, Purple Class became explorers for the day! We looked at all the places in the world Viking's visited (which we learnt was actually alot) and looked at the iconic food from each country. In order to get a taster of this type of food, Purple Class looked at and tasted a variety of fruit from different countries. The children were very excited and there were some fruit they had never tasted before and couldn't wait to find out! Some of the most popular fruit included the papaya and pomegranate, while th physalis was not a popular choice! Even so, the children were fascinated at how each of these fruit grow and couldn't believe that a pineapple is grown in the ground! In our next lesson, we will be looking at how many miles these fruit have to travel in order to reach us here in the U.K. 

Egg-cellent Egg-periment! 

Purple Class' Science topic this term has focused on Forces and the affect these have on our daily lives. We have looked at the impact of gravity on objects, understanding that the reason we are all not floating through the air is because of the Earth's gravitational pull. Meanwhile we looked at how air resistance is a pushing force that can help keep things from plummeting straight to Earth. To investigate this, we made parachutes in groups of three to protect an egg from smashing when it is dropped from a large height. The children could use a range of materials and discovered the larger the surface area, the more air resistance pushing against it. 
Fortunately, because of what we had learnt about forces, only one egg went splat! This was a cracking egg-periment! 

In science we have been learning about the circulatory system and the importance of the heart and the lungs. We wanted to investigate how much oxygen our lungs could hold, therefore the children created an experiment involving balloons to measure lung capacity. Each child took one deep breath and blew into a balloon and measured the circumfrence of the balloon. This told us our lung capacity!

As you can see there was a variety of different shaped balloons however some children had the same size balloon which could be explained as age can affect the size of the lungs.


Welcome to Dragon's Den!

For our literacy work, Purple Class needed to be able to write an explanation on a futuristic invention. Therefore our classroom became the Dragon's Den, where groups presented their inventions to a panel of judges explaining how it works, who would use it and why the judges should invest in it.
This was very challenging as not only did the children need to work cooperatively in a group, but they also had to figure out how they could get these inventions to work!
Children worked incredibly well as presenters, inventors and judges and definitely persuaded the judges to invest!


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