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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Our Christian Values

 At Polebrook School we uphold our Christian values of:

Love   Care   Compassion   Friendship

All members of our school community are encouraged to demonstrate love for others through their behaviour, actions and reflections. All members are welcomed, embraced and respected within a caring, supportive and safe environment. Our school family respects difference and shows compassion and consideration towards every member. 

Spiritual Development

We develop our Christian values of love, care, compassion and consideration by helping our children to explore their inner self and grow their unique potential. This journey enriches our lives as we learn to respect and value the ‘selfness’ of others and encourages our continued search for meaning and purpose in life and across the curriculum.

This is exemplified in school as we encourage our community to:

·       make sense of our own feelings and emotions

·       value imagination, intuition and insight

·       engage in reflective thought

·       show emotive appreciation of beauty and kindness

·       express thoughts and feelings through art, music and literature

·       respond with a sense of awe, wonder and mystery