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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Blog 2018-2019

Victorian School homework 

Written by members of Blue Class 

For our homework we had to either make a model, draw a picture or write a description of a Victorian classroom. If we made a model we had to take a picture and stick it in our homework books and we have to bring our model into school. 

 I chose to make a model and I even made a Victorian teacher because our topic is the Victorians. I did a model because I had more time and I’m more creative. 

I decided to make a model because I quite like making things at home I am okay with making models at school I just like it more at home for some reason. We all had fun doing that homework.

 Most of the people that made models used cardboard to make the walls of the model.I have made my model out of cardboard too, this is how I made it: first I cut the top off a small cardboard box, then I painted the box and made some people out of cardboard and paper while I waited for the paint to dry.

Some of Blue Class have been busy making models of a Victorian classroom.