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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Bikeability Training

Last week, Purple Class took part in Bikeability training to learn how to stay safe when cycling!

Two instructors came to our school for four days and taught the children how to manoeuvre safely and accurately on the roads while cycling. Each child took part in a level of training, starting with level 1. This began with the children learning how to check if a bike is safe to use before beginning their journey. Next, the children needed to pass a series of activities in the school playground, if they succeeded, they were able to go out onto the roads around the village. Amazingly, all children passed level 1 ! Meaning they were all able to experience cycling on the roads whilst learning how to signal correctly, make turns and be aware of cars and pedestrians. Overall the children had a fantastic time and feel encouraged to cycle to school now they know how to stay safe.