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Polebrook C of E Primary School


The Battle of Polebrook! 

Our recent history topic for the last couple of terms has been the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and last week some fierce Vikings fought it out to win the Battle of Polebrook! 

The children discovered how the Vikings were able to raid and invade so many countries during their time. They learnt about their violent and ferocious tactics - including scaring their enemies with boats shaped like dragons, growling and shouting in battle and lots more! 

To prepare for the battle, Purple Class designed their own Viking shields after researching traditional patterns and styles. The children thought about why the Vikings chose such bright patterns and decided it could have been another tactic! They could have hypnotised their enemies or terrified them by painting such drastic images. 


Once the shields were finished, each pupil had their hand fitted for their leather shield strap in order to allow them to carry their shield into battle, while holding it in front of them for defense! 

When the battle day came, the children put on their armour (PE Kits), recieved their spear (javelin) and with their shields, marched onto the battlefield. 

After discussing their tactics with eachother, each team had a chief who wore a tag rubgy belt. The team that removed the opposing chief's tags first, won! 

With angry faces, ferocious screeching and fantastic accompanying music, the battle began with one spear being thrown to the opposing team. Of course chaos ensued with spears across the field, shields thrown to one side and lots of Vikings running for battle glory. Fortunately though, all survived and lived to tell this glorious tale of an epic modern-day Viking battle!