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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Red Class Wedding


On Tuesday 23rd February 2016 we changed into our special clothes and walked down to the church. We had a very special wedding to attend.

The groom and bestman checked that they had the rings! 

The bridesmaids waited at the door for the bride and her father to arrive...

The bride's father walked her up the aisle and the bridesmaids followed behind.

Rev.d Catherine welcomed everyone to the church and the wedding service began.

We joined in with the wedding ceremony to make the experience more real and help us understand what happens at a wedding at Polebrook church.


The bride and groom said their wedding vows to each other.

They exchanged their wedding rings.

They walked up to the alter to pray.

The mother of the bride and the bestman signed the register.

The bride and groom were now husband and wife.

They walked down the aisle in a long procession.

Everyone gathered together for photographs.

 Smile at the camera!




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