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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Castle News!!!!!

It was an exciting start to 2015.

The first morning back Green Class

found a trail of glitter all around our classroom!

At first we weren't sure where the trail

went or who had left it.

So we followed it.

It continued around the classroom until it stopped at a glass lantern. 


Inside was a letter from a fairy called Flicker. She was asking for our help. A baddy had destroyed the castle in fairyland and the fairy tale characters needed a castle to stay in until they could fix it. Flicker wanted Green Class to build a class castle for them.

We wrote back to say we could help and set to work.


Once we had finished,  we wrote invitations to an opening ceremony.


Mrs Johnson was invited to come and cut the ribbon and Red Class came to watch. We made heart jam tarts for our guests.