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Polebrook C of E Primary School


Blog 2018-2019

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  • Red Class Baptism

    Published 05/03/19, by Member of Staff

    Celebrations and Festivals - Red Class Baptism

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  • The Building Site

    Published 21/01/19, by Member of Staff

    We made a building site in our role play area.

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  • Santa's Workshop

    Published 10/12/18, by Member of Staff

    Lots of things to do before Christmas...

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  • Our Afternoon with the Paramedics

    Published 03/12/18, by Member of Staff

    We had a very exciting afternoon on Monday 3rd December.

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  • The Health Visitor

    Published 30/11/18, by Member of Staff

    We were very lucky to have a Health Visitor tell us about her job.

    It was very interesting.

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  • The Vets

    Published 30/11/18, by Member of Staff

    The appointment book was very busy at the vets.

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  • People Who Help Us

    Published 06/11/18, by Member of Staff

    A visit from the Firefighters.

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  • Growing Things

    Published 18/10/18, by Member of Staff

    Planting Winter Pansies

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  • Healthy Eating

    Published 17/10/18, by Member of Staff

    Making Fruit Kebabs

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  • Growing Up

    Published 14/10/18, by Member of Staff

    What can babies do?

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